Thursday, May 28, 2009

spit shine

In my everlasting ambition to pull my crap together, streamline my workload, and spend more time frisbee golfing, I've finally managed to make some pretty fancy updates to the blog. So here, I will blog about the blog. Bring on the metameme.

Glance to the right. With many thanks to the Mighty Anhalt, we now have a map of all the bars, restaurants, and retail stores who carry Metro. As more folks put us on tap and stock us in the coolers (hopefully), we'll add them to the map. And! Right below that link is calendar of Metro events. If you use Google calendars or iCal, you can simplify your life by adding our calendar to your list.

We've been Tweeting like Twitter is the newest, coolest thing evar. Follow us.

Now that I've rekindled my affair with the Metro blog, I might take better care of it. As always, no promises. Meanwhile, I'm going to go Tweet about the blog updates. Am I going to end up meeting myself somewhere in a parallel universe?

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