Monday, December 15, 2008

Brewing cherry, consider yourself broken.

Yesterday was our first brew day, people! We offered a play-by-play account on Twitter and Facebook all evening, so some of you were sorta there. Hilarious mishaps were also in attendance, see the photo to the right for how not to open a 2008 lb super-sack of grain.

We have more photos to share, but they are presently in the queue for a major update to our website, Facebook, etc. We'll get to the web updates as soon as the tanks are full of beer. Believe us, the beer (!) and the website will be worth the wait.

Our good pal Rob was at the brewery for a while yesterday, helping out and shooting photos and video. He loaded the videos to YouTube. Short video 1. Short video 2. Short video 3. Enjoy!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Beer will save the world. For real.

While in Germany studying the most holy craft of brewing beer, the Dugg attended Brau Beviale - one of the largest beverage industry trade shows in the world. He noted that the event was held on the site which had once been the Nazi party rally grounds in Nuremberg. This led us to suppose that if a beer-related event was held at other sites of disagreeable/violent historical significance, we could in essence, heal humanity's wounds. You know, reversal of energy and all that hoo hah.

Well, the Buddhists always seem to have a finger on that particular pulse. In Thailand's Sisaket province, Buddhists have built the Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew temple entirely of Heineken and Chang beer bottles.

By the way, if anyone in the Chicagoland area gets a similar idea into their head, please let it be known that the staff of Metropolitan Brewing summarily volunteers for the project. We're well-practiced at emptying beer bottles...