Wednesday, February 2, 2011

our walk to work today

Nothing will stop us from brewing beer. Not even a historical midwestern snowstorm that has pretty much the entire city of Chicago shut down. Behold, I documented for you what it was like to walk to the brewery today. Before we even left the back gate...

At first we tried to walk down the sidewalks. The winds caused incredible drifting and the sidewalks were nigh unpassable.

Phelps took to leaping through the drifts, which probably wouldn't have lasted long before his tiny heart gave out. So we moved out into the street. We didn't see any cars ourselves, but we were able to walk in tire tracks, so someone managed to get where they were going this morning.

Neighbors were out all over the place, starting to dig out.

We worked long and hard for many years to have this privilege of living just a few blocks from work. We almost never drive our car. And today, no one else is driving their car either.

This is the west side of our building. Huge drifts. Fortunately, the snow had drifted off of the sidewalks on the north side of the building (our side).

Phelps once again engages his leaping skillz to get into the brewery door.

See the joy on this face? Beer does that.

Our first mash-in for the day. No snowstorm can keep us from puttin' some Krank in the tank!