Saturday, January 31, 2009

Don't bitch, we call this "lagering weather"

First, we're on tap! Find Metro beer at...

Hopleaf Bar, 5148 N Clark St, Chicago
Handlebar Bar & Grill, 2311 W North Ave, Chicago
Risqué Café, 3419 N Clark St, Chicago
Rodan, 1530 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago
Hackney's, 733 S. Dearborn, Chicago
Beer Bistro, 1061 W. Madison St., Chicago
Marion St. Cheese Market, 100 S. Marion Street, Oak Park
Binny's - South Loop, 1132 S. Jefferson Street, Chicago
Tavern in the Town, 519 N. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville
Barley House, 1520 Randall Rd, Algonquin
Lunar Brewing Co., 54 E. St. Charles Rd., Villa Park
Bar on Buena, 910 W. Buena Ave., Chicago

Next, come check out for yourself what happens when a brewery has no rules. Metro Brewing plays host to the Neo-Futurist vision: BEER! This weekend was the first in a run of 6, so go to the Neo-Futurist's website and buy tickets for an upcoming performance. Just do it now. You're killing time anyway.

"When 10 year-old Boon pukes and passes out after drinking his stepfather's crappy beer, he awakens to find himself lost in a mysterious brewery. Together with his only friend, the puppet Puke, Boon must learn the brewing trade in order to go home. Through puppetry, animation, and a live band, learn about the world of BEER."

Finally, we've updated the website. Looky. And Facebook took down our page because it wasn't set up in the format they require. Stand by for a new Facebook page in the near future. As always, though... no promises.


Mike Brenner said...

any distribution in Milwaukee, yet? Sugar Maple is a bar that carries over 60 craft beers on tap. i've been talking you guys up to the bar tenders the last couple weeks. self-distribution is legal in wisconsin too. i'll even offer my services of coming down to pick up kegs (or samples) to deliver to them for you. happy to help out however i can. here's their contact info:

Sugar Maple
441 E Lincoln Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53207
(414) 481-2393

craft beer's obsequious minion said...

Thanks for tootin' our horn, Mike! We'll be in touch.

Adam said...

Looks like you're on at the Map Room too!

Anonymous said...

did I miss the keg at Hackney's? I stopped by after work tonight, ready to sample your wares, but no Metropolitan on tap :-(

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited that I'll be able to sample some of your beer close to home in Libertyville! It's awesome having a new brewery in town, when are you going to have tours available?!

Russ said...

Metro's not listed on the Hackney's webpage yet, for what it's worth. They better hurry up, though, because I'm thinking a pint of Dynamo would pair mighty nicely with a loaf of Hackney's onion rings. Damn, now I'm hungry AND thirsty. Thanks a lot, guys.

Rob said...

What does it mean to be on tap at a Binnys?

craft beer's obsequious minion said...

Binny's South Loop has a tap room! Neat, hey?

PudgyM said...

As I scribed on BeerMapping's forum: The Beer School Bar at Sheffield's has the Copper Lager on draft [$5.00].