Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tools + Beer = Awesome Happy Fun Time

We're nearing the end of the 2008 beer fest season. Our best beer fest season, for sure! Okay, this was our first season, but still... whoo hoo!

If you've attended any of the fests we have, you've had the chance to see our super-swank jockey box made of a converted Craftsman toolbox. Pouring beer has never been so fun. Folks seem to like it almost as much as we do. One AleFest Chicago attendee referred to it as "beer porn." Agreed!

Click here to see a website of photos taken on the afternoon we turned an everyday, kick ass tool box (I've nearly always been a Craftsman tools gal), into a kick ass jockey box. I did forward this website onto Craftsman (Sears), but so far, no word. We expect to either 1. receive a cease and desist letter or 2. receive funding to build more.

How do you pour your beer?


Jamwes said...

I love the "super-swank jockey box" tm. One of the many reasons why you guys make such great beer. Not only does the beer taste great but you also have a unique style that I love.

craft beer's obsequious minion said...

awwww! Thanks so much for your very kind words. We look forward to serving you more beer!

Anonymous said...

You were far and away the best at the Oak Park microbrew event!