Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dr. Suess lives.

Ever since this came out, our email accounts have been overflowing with kind wishes, congratulations, and anticipatory messages from thirsty people all over Chicagoland.  We feel the love, people!  Whoop!  One message, however, was so good, we wanted to share it here.  There's nothing like a witty turn of phrase - not to mention some clever rhyming - to make our day. Enjoy.

"Dear Metro,
I am anxious to try out your beer, but there is none near, here, I fear.  Not that your beer is one that I would pound, to savor slowly would be more profound - yet, where can it be found??  SAMS, Binny's, definitely not some corner ninny.  Is a brewery stop in the picture, to tug on a sample of your golden elixir??  Do a favor for a brother??  Tell me, where's your local vendor."