Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Randy = Biggest Beer Nut in Chicago!

Okay, this is a couple of years old now (2006), but it contains so many familiar faces, I just had to post it anyway. Some of the most well-known and loved beer Illuminati in Chicago - Randy Mosher, Jason Beaumont, Jeff Sparrow, Scott Mikros, Pete Crowley, Lyn Kruger, Jonathan Cutler, and many more - make an appearance on the Chicago episode of Beer Nutz. Even The Dugg can be seen enjoying a quaff or two near the end. Choosing the biggest Beer Nut in Chicago is a task we wouldn't dare attempt, but the fellas made a choice we find completely reasonable and logical.


Jordan Wilberding said...

It is too bad the Chicago Beer Society charges money for joining.

Martinique said...

what ever happened? did you start doing tours?